We ♥ Lelu Love!—An Interview with the Internet’s Most Interactive Sex Star

We ♥ Lelu Love!
An Interview with the internet’s most interactive sex star
By Kit Ames and Andre Novak

And apparently she loves us

Apparently she loves us too!

In the ever-expanding universe of internet porn, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sex stars to distinguish themselves. The online adult-film industry is overflowing with beautiful faces, sexy bodies, and crazy-hot fucking—but today’s porn fans are demanding more. Sure, Peter North is still revered for shooting unusually large loads. Pinky continues to captivate viewers with her gigantic ass. Each star seems to have his or her hook. However, one performer in particular has really grabbed my attention with an entirely novel take on porn. Her name is Lelu Love, and she is the internet’s most interactive sex star.

I first stumbled upon some of Love’s clips about a year ago on Pornhub. I immediately sensed that she was bringing something different to the table. The videos I watched were fun and playful, with a high-quality-homemade feel. On screen, Love was clearly enjoying herself. I quickly realized the videos were based on requests that Love had received from fans. The concepts ranged from typical to obscure and intensely-specific. (For an example of the latter, I saw one clip in which Love performed a blowjob through a hole in a medical mask.) What an awesome idea, I remember thinking (about request-based porn videos, not necessarily the medical mask). However, what really astounded me was that Love was actually interacting with people on the comment threads of her own clips, mostly thanking fans for their positive remarks. My mind—much like the dick in that medical mask-fetish video—was blown. Anyone who’s ever seen a Pornhub comment thread should understand my amazement.

To be honest, I’m actually not even that big of a porn fan, but Lelu Love’s work is notably awesome. She seems to be re-humanizing internet sexuality in an age of hyper-connected atomization (I know, I know—it’s all very paradoxical) by giving the world first-rate sex videos and then backing them up with real interaction through her website, Pornhub, Twitter, and even her cell phone. She’s not afraid to cross those lines. She is the people’s sex star.

Lelu Love exchanging comments with fans on Pornhub

A friendly exchange between Lelu Love and a fan on Pornhub

Lelu Love didn’t grow up wanting to be a porn star, but several years ago, on a whim, she made a video of herself masturbating  and posted it on the internet. Since then, she’s never looked back. Love now runs one of the most interactive websites in the world, LeluLove.com, where she shares the videos and pictures requested by her fans, which she makes exclusively with her husband. She’ll do anything that’s doable, for any fan—from creampies to smelly feet-fetish videos to simulated vorarephilia. Fans can request messages for Love to write on her infamous whiteboard, which she often poses with in pictures.

While there are many porn sites out there offering viewers the ability to request scenes from performers, most of them have niche themes, which makes the process restrictive. For example, sites often deal exclusively with BDSM or specific genres of role-play. With Lelu Love, anything legal is on the table. Also, unlike many other porn stars, Love is very willing to let fans into her personal life. Not only does she offer 24/7 access to cameras in her house for VIP members on LeluLove.com but, in the“About Me” section on her site, she also provides a personal account of her past struggles with addiction. Lelu Love will share anything with and do (almost) anything for her fans. With VIP access on her website, one can even obtain her cell phone number. Yeah.

Since Lelu Love answers fan emails, posts daily videos, and does appearances at different industry events, I wasn’t sure if she’d have time to respond to some interview questions. But like I said, Lelu is all about interacting with her fans, and further evidence of that is in the interview below.

How did you decide that fan interaction would be such a big part of your work?

I never really thought about that, it’s just how I am. I love to chat and talk—maybe even TOO much according to some people, lol. It’s just really a lot of fun for me. For anyone who takes their time and money to spend on my site, I want to make sure I give them as much value as I can. And it’s fun getting to know new people and learning more about all the unique fetishes and fantasies out there.

What are your favorite requests?

All of my videos are custom videos that people order from my store, so I don’t have time anymore to just make my own. But every once in a while, someone will order one and tell me to just “have fun” or “do whatever you like best” and those are always my favorite because I don’t have to remember any lines or worry about the camera or anything—and I always cum the hardest in those because that’s all I’m thinking about!

What won’t you do?

It’s tough to list all the things I will or won’t do because there are just SO many different fetishes and requests. I just take it on a case-by-case basis, with each request, and say what parts I can or can’t do. Even if there are some things that I don’t like or are against the rules, we can usually compromise and come up with something that works for everyone.

What’s the strangest or most interesting request you’ve received?

There’s SO many because just when I think I’ve heard it all, I learn about a new fetish that I never would have imagined. And there’s always a big group of people that share that same fetish, no matter how rare I thought it would be. I love that everyone is so unique though and totally respect that different things turn on different people, as long as it’s safe and legal. I’ve done everything from poncho fetishes to hairjobs to giantess to turning [my husband, co-star] into a turkey and eating him and so much more.

Lelu Love, twerking

Lelu Love, twerking for the fans

A lot of people—adult film stars included—might be worried to open up to such direct online interactions with fans and viewers, maybe even dismissing them as perverts or creeps. What do you see in these people and your interactions with them that allows you to make such contact?

I think that’s kind of the thinking for people outside of the industry because, in my experience, the majority of people are super cool regular guys that just enjoy porn. I think all guys do, so I think it would be weirder to interact with a bunch of guys that aren’t into porn at all.

Your website says you do a live webcam show every single day. Is it difficult to keep it fresh?

I release a new full video and picture set every single day, and there are multiple live shows from different girls on my site each day too. Then I do one live member-show per week too. It’s not hard to keep it fresh because, like I said before, all of my videos are custom videos that people order, so they come up with the ideas and there are just SO many fetishes and fantasies out there. That it’s always something just a little bit different.

What is the creative process like for planning and executing each shoot?

Depending on the custom video order, the person will send over what they would like to see, and once we decide on what’s doable and they order it, then I usually have it done within a few days to a week. The solo ones are the quicker ones and hardcore scenes take a bit longer.

Do you ever do live performances at clubs or expos?

Yep, I feature-dance every once in a while when I’m out at clubs, especially with the NightMoves Magazine and AllAdultNetwork crew. Sometimes I will just get up and dance on stage for fun and I love going to the expos and meeting people in-person.

Are you very well connected with other men and women in the adult film industry?

I’ve gotten to know a lot of people at the conventions and it’s amazing how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Everybody seems so happy because they don’t have to keep their sexuality bottled up and can just be themselves. I’ve met so many great people and made some amazing friends.

Your website is very personal. Not only are you naked for your fans, but you detail the struggles you’ve gone through, to get to where you are today. What makes you so willing to present your life story to your fans and viewers?

Yep, I’m a very open person and very proud to have gone through what I did, to make it out, and to where I am now. So I’m happy to share that and I hope that it helps give hope to other people who may be in similar situations. Those are some of my favorite emails when I hear that!

Because we’re a Baltimore-based site, I have to ask: have you ever been to Baltimore?

I’ve never been to Baltimore, I lived in Virginia for a little while but even only that far north was too cold and snowy for me which is why I went south!!

What are your impressions of the city based on what you’ve seen or heard?

I don’t really know much about it, other than I think the Baltimore Ravens right?? I’m trying to learn more about football so I can understand what’s going on but I still laugh too much when I hear “tight end” and “give them the D” 🙂

Be sure to check out Lelu Love on Twitter or her website, LeluLove.com!

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