A Cream City Magazine?—Help Hey Boy! Press Make It Happen!

HeyBoy!So, Cream City’s good friend and resident artist, Haleigh Hey Boy!, is launching an independent publishing company called Hey Boy! Press.  She’s an incredible writer and illustrator who’s been producing loads of weird and amazing small-press content in Baltimore for some years now. Her work is one of the absolute best parts of the city’s underground press scene—and that’s saying a lot in a town like this. Anyway, the plan for her company is to begin printing and distributing delicious underground material to make it more available and accessible to you and everyone you know. Sounds pretty rad, right?

And here’s some more really exciting news: one of the first projects slated for Hey Boy!’s launch is a magazine version of Cream City, Maryland! Fuck yah. Now, we hate asking people for money for any reason at all, but we are doing it for this project—not just because Cream City is tied up in it, but also because we believe in Haleigh’s vision.

If you’re like us and you want to support a serious effort to revive authentic independent, outlaw publishing, now is your chance. Below is a link to the Hey Boy! Press Kickstarter page—a donation of any kind would greatly appreciated. So much so, in fact, that Haleigh is giving away some awesome gratitude packages for donations of certain sizes. The packages include items like Haleigh’s zines, copies of the Cream City magazine, and anthropomorphic hotdog toys. Yeah. And if you don’t want to donate to support underground publishing or for the rewards, then at least do it for us—because if you don’t,  we will do everything in our power to make the rest of your life miserable.  Just kidding. But seriously, any and all donations—of any size—would be extremely appreciated! Thanks for your time and support, dear readers!

Oh, and please feel free to pass this link along to anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing. That would also be much appreciated!    

Visit the The Hey Boy! Press Fund! 

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